Head, Hands and Feet: Marvel Legends Puma
Body: Marvel Legends Sentry
Destructo Ray and Armour details: Epoxy Putty
Cool Note: Is Transformers blast effect compatible!

In 1977, strange creatures traveled through time and space to take over the world! Earth and her sister planets were facing a terrifying attack from the dark planet, Terron! They had faced dangers before, but never so horrific as the Super Joe Adventure Team's arch enemy: Gor, King of the Terrons! The devil, Gor can emit a lethal red Destructo ray from his chest and is endoed with tremendous powers of recovery! Never alone in any battle, Gor has army of Terrons at his command all armed with their own Destructo Ray Red energy within their bodies! Gor's single weakness is his legendary glass jaw. One One-Two punch is enough to extinguish his Destructo light!

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