Head: Target Firefighter
Torso: Pathfinder
Arms: Battle Corp Lifeline
Waist: Spy Troops Shipwreck
Legs: Wild Card

Hat: Corps!
Pistol: Spy Troops Lady Jaye
Shotgun: Spy Troops Destro v.3

Real Name: Nolan Reid

Lone Star wanted to be a Texas Ranger ever since his dad told him the story of the Ranger who single handedly stopped a town riot. The town officials requesting and expecting a garrison of soldiers were shocked when a single man walked off the train. When asked why only he was sent, the ranger replied, “One riot, one ranger.” He then walked right over to where the riot leader was and shot him dead. The rioters quickly disbanded.

Lone Star set out and succeeded at becoming Texas’ best active Ranger. Since the GI Joe team already has agents from just about every other law enforcement agency it only makes sense they would ask for the countries best to join them. He hasn’t been with the Joes that long but he’s already made an impact and been accepted by his new comrades.

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