Head: Doc (Not Buzzer as he somehow appears at first)
The rest of the body was used with the same parts that made up the first version of Starduster
Chest: TF Recondo
Arms: Flint v1
Waist: Recondo
Legs:Roadblock v1

I created a custom file card to go with the figure. Hopefully, I can get it linked here.

But the idea is basically based on something I once saw elsewhere on the internet. There was a pic of an unproduced joe named "Chef." The painting and the name were all that was available and I noticed that all of the parts appeared to be the same as the original Starduster. Keeping in mind that Starduster originally came with GIJoe cereal and that a Chef is also food related, I started thinking that he was an idea abandoned in favor of Starduster. Anyway, I made him and had a bit of help writing the text for the custom file I put together (from the original image). Sorry, but I can't remember where I first saw this. It was years ago.

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