Head: Cast
Body: BFS blank

Tygra is the scientist and stealth member of the Thundercats. His whip allows him to turn invisible and can shoot out fire to help defeat enemies.

The Thundercats home planet of Thundera was destroyed in a massive explosion forcing them to leave their world. They crash land on a new planet called Third Earth. They are immediately attacked by their enemies the evil mutants and are able to defeat them. What the Thundercats did not know is that the planet of Third Earth is controlled by an ancient evil force known as Mumm-Ra the Ever Living. The evil mutants and Mumm-Ra form an alliance in an attempt to destroy the Thudercats once and for all.

Thundercats and GI Joe were my two favorite cartoons and toy lines as a kid. They were completely out of scale with each other though so no cross over play was possible. I always wanted Thundercats in the 3.75-4 inch scale to go with the Joes and finally that has become reality.

I have included a picture with the vintage figure.

I have included a picture with the whole group of Thundercat customs.

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