Head: 50th Specialist Dusty
Rest: Mass Device Battle Pack Cobra Trooper

Dusty was once the GI Joe team's top desert warfare trooper and had completed numerous missions for the team during the early years of the GI Joe war with COBRA. However, after one fateful mission to protect a chemical factory from COBRA, who were intent on stealing the parts for a new and experimental armour, Dusty heard that his mother was extremely sick.

Going home, Dusty found his ailing mother with mounting bills and money draining rapidly. Trying to find ways of making the money to pay for her medication and therapy, Dusty had a chance meeting with Tomax and Xamot of Extensive Enterprises. They offered to help, in exchange for information.

After letting Cobra know of several Joe missions, Dusty soon found himself arrested for his crimes. During transport to Fort Wadsworth for punishment, Dusty was broken out by COBRA. now with nowhere to go, Dusty finds himself wearing a Cobra uniform

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