Head: DC Infinite Heroes- LexCorp Trooper
Arms: NS Heavy Duty
Hands: NS Alpine
Boots: Star Wars- Expanded Universe Speeder Bike Pilot
All else: ROC Law
Grenade Launcher: Fortnite


Top-Kick would have been an Eagle Force member in Mego's second wave, but the company folded and Top-Kick never came to be.


Although the Paul Kirchner design pre-dates both Duke and Sgt. Slaughter, it looks like a meld of the two, with a drizzling of Sgt. Rock to boot! To sidestep this, I just omitted the diagonally slung bandolier and the campaign hat.

Colors & Paint:

My EF customs sport a tan/yellow/orange camouflage pattern to homage the metallic gold of the Mego figures... without being metallic gold.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head was drilled out to accept the neck post. The shoulder sockets were widened to accept the arms. The Heavy Duty hands were replaced with the Alpine ones. The Law boots were replaced with the Speeder Bike Pilot ones.

The elbow pins and thigh inset screws were epoxied smooth. The midriff was glued in place and then filled w epoxy to get rid of the articulation gap.

Top Kick ends my Eagle Force/RIOT project, which I started with Savitar in 2011. It's taken me just over a decade, but I completed customs of every released figure and then the unproduced figures.

A special thanks to 2DARK2C for providing the Fortnite grenade launcher!

Thanks for looking.

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