Head: Sure Fire
Torso: Skidmark
Arms: Salvo
Waist: VvV figure probably Cobra
Legs: SF Falcon

After my retro collection Grunt broke, I laughed because I had written down a day before "make new Grunt" so that only sped up the process.

I like Grunt a lot. The Sure Fire head looks almost identical to his appearance in the comics and it was better than making a neck mod for his old head or using the 1991 one.

For this custom, I finally used the VVV waist I've been itching to use. It has lots of stuff on it so whoever is wearing it seems loaded for bear.

I also gave him a bunch of weapons I personally like- Grunt is there to make stuff go boom, so give the man some ordinance.

Finally, I used some accessories I haven't before- Bulletproof's backpack and Sky Patrol Airborne helmet. I hated to paint it but it looked totally cool, and I'm tired of painting Scoop helmets.

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