Head. Kenner Marvel Legends Elektra
Neck. Lady Jaye v4
Arms. Lady Jaye v4
Chest. Zarana v2
Waist. Lady Jaye v5
Legs. Tunnel rat v12

Rifle. Baroness v5

Code name. Chassis
File name. Lipinski, Kelly D
P.M.S. Transportation
S.M.S. Infantry
Birthplace. Asbury Park, N.J
Grade. E-5 (Sergeant)
S.N. KDL-441-0104

I forgotten to take a photo of rifle of Baroness v5

When growing up she lived just down the road from Clutch she also fancied him but she would never tell him this but Clutch secretly know both went to the same school, into race/ muscle car & she got her driving licence & a car before he did.

She is a big fan of Elektra has all the comics, figures & a singed poster of Jennifer Garner as Elektra hence the red bandana she thought she would hate Elodie Yang version but ended up lover it.

Before Clutch joined/ recruited for the armed forces he & she worked in rivals car garages at the same time she was slowly build her own car you could tell she was under the vehicle working on it just by her orange footwear plus she was a better driver then Clutch.

General Hawks file:
Transportation need more drivers

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