Head: Heavily Modified G.I. Joe Retaliation Cyber Ninja Helmet
Torso: MTF Female Stealth Ops
Forearms and hands: 30th Anniversary Scarlett
Waist and Legs: MTF Male Desert Combat
Armour: Heavily Modified ROC Neo Viper Armour
Gun: 25th Anniversary Cobra Commander Pistol

Palitoy released the Zargonite soldier way back in either 1981 or 1982. Like any figure they release, they had several prototypes before settling on the best design to represent their product. This version of the Zargonite was never released to the public. The only evidence of its existence is a sole image shared between users of Analog Toys with The Full Force on Facebook. That's all the info we have.

After discovering this design last month, I went to work on it and added it to my Time Enemies set. It's quite fascinating the things you might find on accident.

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