Head unmasked: "Reagan" Dark Skin Tone with Sunglasses, Black Hair & Low Bun
Head Masked: Female Head White Balaclava, White Hood, Gasmask Black with Red Tint Lenses
Body: Valkyrie Body Without Head White & Black "Ghost-Ops" Version BASIC
Vest: Female High Collar Type White Version
Large Neck Scarf "Shemagh" Red Version
Holster: Small Left Handed White and Black Version
Pocket: Large Size White with Light Blue Version x2
Radio Walkie Talkie: White Version
Smartpad / Computer Tablet: White Version

HAZMAT was born Yokaira Pitti in Panama City, Panama. When she was seven years old, her parents were killed in a car accident and she was sent to live with her grandmother in rural Faldua, Panama. She was regularly teased and bullied for being a city kid and although she gained respect for being a tough fighter, Yokaira made no friends and slowly stopped going to school. With her free time, she spent her days reading from the sizeable collection of books her grandmother owned or exploring the jungle. During one of her expeditions, she happened upon a research camp hidden in the jungle where she was told by the small group of foreigner scientist that they were studying poisons from rare jungle fauna and animals, as possible treatments and cures for disease. In actuality, they were scientist contracted by Cobra to weaponize those poisons. A plain clothes Toxic Viper supervised the team of scientist while a plain clothes Range Viper escorted them into the jungles searching for samples and was over camp security. Yokaira offered to help as a guide. The group humored her and agreed as a form of insurance to keep their presence secret but were pleasantly surprised as to how valuable the preteen became to them. She was able to lead them to areas where specimens they previously had difficulty finding were located. She possessed an unnatural gift for science and became a helpful assistant and she also had the ability to go into town and bring back much needed supplies without drawing attention to the hidden camp. When the camp was destroyed by government mercenaries, Yokaira helped the only survivor, Range Viper, escape from the country. Months later at the age of 13, she left her grandmother and made her way back to Panama City. With money given to her by the Range Viper she helped, Yokaira rented a room from one of her parents' former neighbors. She returned to school and became a stand out student, excelling in science and math. She was also a star athlete in futbol, volleyball and track & field. After graduating highschool she enrolled at the Universidad Central de Costa Rica, majoring in biochemistry. After a brief foray into manufacturing designer drugs which led to the brutal murder of her roommate Viviana, Yokairia dropped out of college and fled back to Panama City after killing her friend's murder. Within months of returning to Panama City, she was on her way to the United States for basic training after enlisting with the U.S. Army as a CBRN specialist. Years later as she was debating whether to reenlist, she would meet the Range Viper again. He was unrecognizable as he had undergone the surgeries required of Crimson Guard who became part of covert cells. Now going by John II, once he was able to convince her who he was, Yokaira leapt at the opportunity to join Cobra. With her Army CBRN training and biochem college background, she was recruited into the bioscience division and Hazard Viper corps. After making an impression on several of Cobra's top scientific minds, Yokaira would be promoted from the rank-and-file to the position of corps leader and took the moniker, Hazmat.

I found a Hazard Viper for a REALLY good price. I hope to find at least one more for around the same price... but I know that might be a while. So, I created a leader for the Hazard Vipers, Hazmat. All of her parts were white so I dyed them in RIT Dye More Apricot Orange to get them closer to the Hazard Viper color. Because of the different type/density of the plastic, some parts didn't take the dye as well, but it added a nice contrast to the figure.

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