Head: Zicatoys with sculpt
Body: Several different Zica sectaurs with sculpt added

The planet of Symbion is far advanced in terms of technology compared to Earth, but when a genetic experiment goes wrong all of the citizens are turned into insect/human hybrids and the insects of the planets grow massively large. Two sides are formed...the Shining Realm and the Dark Domain. The Shining Realm led by Dargon and joined by his three most trusted allies Mantor, Zak and Pinosr represents peace and good and the Dark Domain is everything that is evil led by Spidrax and his minions of Waspax, Skulk and Skito.

Commander Waspax is the commander of the elite corps of sting troopers and is the perfect soldier. He also believes he should lead the Dark Domain not Spidrax.

I loved the Sectaurs toy line as a kid and when Zicatoys did a kick starter for 4 inch sectaurs a couple of years ago I couldn't believe and the figures were incredible, but sadly the second kick starter didn't go as well and we did not get the last four members to finish the original toy line of 8 figures.

My custom Waspax, Skulk and Skito are pictured along side the incredible Zica figure Spidrax figure.

I've also included a picture of all of the Sectaurs customs along with the Zica figures.

Waspax is pictured with the vintage Wingid figure.

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