Head: Breaker ‘83
Torso: Tan Grunt ‘83
Arms: Clutch ‘84
Waist: Tan Grunt ‘83
Legs: Tan Grunt ‘83

Helmet: Tan Grunt ‘83
Headset: Accessory Pack ‘83
Backpack :Accessory Pack ‘83

Just a quick LBC. I’ve always loved the tan versions of Clutch and Grunt, and figured it’d be easy to do the same with Breaker. To make him seem more “authentic”, I designed the filecard to make it seem as though he had been released with the Bivouac in ’84 (special thanks to The Green Meanie for photoshopping the filecard art). Just a quickie that anyone can do to bolster their ranks…

I also did a similar Hawk. You can see him in the Gallery

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