MRS. COULTER - Base Figure, Fur wrap
STORM - Hips, Legs
SCARLETT - Lower arms
GIRAN - Feet

Miss Bianca was the Hungarian representative of the Rescue Aid Society. After the organization was disbanded, she and her fellow Rescuer Bernard decided to continue their work on their own. Eventually, they would help organize and fund the formation of the Rescue Rangers, a private detective agency with many of the same ideals and goals of the original Rescue Aid Society.
I'm not actually a giant Disney fanatic, so I find myself having to look up a lot of information on the shows when I'm working on translating these characters into humans. I'd always wondered if there was a connection between The Rescuers movies and the Rescue Rangers, and sure enough Rescue Rangers did in fact start development as a Rescuers cartoon. I enjoyed working on the other Rescue Rangers figures so much I wanted to incorporate Miss Bianca and Bernard.

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