WALTER WHITE (Breaking Bad) - Head
BEN HANSCOM (It) - Torso
DESTRO (Iron Grenadiers Uniform) - Upper Arms
TEKNIQUE (Fortnite) - Wrists, Hands, Shoes
DRIFT (Fortnite) - Upper Legs
DUKE (Renegades) - Lower Legs

Last year I decided to tackle an update "self-portrait" figure. Yeah, it's a bit of a "heroic" interpretation, but I didn't want to shy away from the truth: when the zombie apocalypse hits, I'm probably not going to last that long (#zombieland #rule1). I want my figure to be honest, but still have just little bit of power fantasy baked in... sure, I'm zombie-food for sure but maybe, just maybe, given the right situation, a reliable weapon, and the perfect soundtrack (Help I'm Alive by Metric, perhaps), I'd take out a respectable number of the undead and have a classic Romero-worthy death scene.

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