Head: Fisher-Price Adventure People- Helicopter Pilot
Chest/back: Star Wars- Han Solo
Arms: Star Wars- Rancor Keeper
Waist, legs: NS Destro
Chains: Star Wars- Captive Leia

Chopper was one of "Dr. Scarab's Evil Minions of Destruction" in the Bionic Six toyline by LJN/cartoon by DiC. I'm adapting the villains as "Now a Joe" characters, with most of them being Dr. Mindbender's lab crew, the "Minions of Destruction". Chopper and Mechanic, though, fit better as Dreadnoks.


A mix of Star Wars and NS parts to create a look roughly like the LJN figure, and topped with an ARAH head.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the LJN character. Where the LJN figure had a big-ass scarab emerald on the chest, this custom relies on the chain alone.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The shoulder sockets were reworked with epoxy, which also beefs up the upper/outer edges of the legs. The entire midriff is epoxy, and it also smooths out the knee pin holes.

The nubs were removed from the armbands, which were reworked to look like sleeve edges.

The pieces of chain that rested against the body were clipped off so that it would lie flat when glued in place.

Thanks for looking.

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