Head: Star Trek The Motion Picture- Ilia (cast)
Collar: 25A Destro
Lower arms/hands: Star Wars- Barris Offee
Thigh kibble: Imaginext ???
Boots: Star Wars- Padme
Straps on boots: cut from NS Slash skirt
All else: DCIC- Starfire

Council of Doom


There was no figure of this character, but she appeared in the early 2000's Action Man cartoon as an assassin for the Council of Doom.


The best image I could find of the character show her in a metallic emerald catsuit. The Starfire body rounded out with other parts, plus some sculpting, does the job.

In the cartoon Asazi had a center part fluffed-out dreadlocks hairstyle.

Colors & Paint:

Greens with a metallic wash, plus high gloss black on the gloves and boots.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast. The hair is sculpted of epoxy, but it looks more like Ronald McDonald than what I was aiming for.

The lower arms and feet were chopped off and replaced. The thigh and boot kibble is glued on.

Thanks for looking.

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