Recondo 1984
Ambush backpack with Beachhead bag and unknown other
Stalker rifle with Wet Suit flare attachment (grenade launcher)

I recently got a Recondo from a friend on Instagram. He was rough so I decided to give him a new paint job. He came with his original backpack and I didn't have the heart to customize it. (Also had his flag point and filecard!)

So, instead I made a new gun from a broken Stalker rifle I had by putting a Stretcher (2000s cheap stuff) flare gun under the barrel. I also clipped off the broken stuff and sanded an Ambush backpack. I wanted to have him store his rifle in the tent pole store but it was too small. So, instead I made a few new additions to the backpack.

The color scheme was kinda strange. I don't remember exactly how I came up with it but I thought that the orange would work, and I think it did. It was almost like TF Ripcord in my mind but then I added stripes. That was the right thing, the Recondo thing, to do.

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