Head: Scoop (modified)
Torso: ??? (modified beyond all recognition, all details sculpted)
Arms: Big Bear (?)
Waist: Bazooka (heavily modified)
Legs: Bazooka ('85)

The first Joe I got in 1982 was Breaker, so it feels only appropriate that my first proper custom (begun around 2000, completed around 2002) would also be Breaker. There's actually not a lot here to define him as Breaker, but that's who I always thought of him as. Mostly, this figure was a place to practice my techniques, thus the two years between beginning and finishing. At the time, I liked the idea of the O13 having a kind of timeless 20th century American soldier aesthetic, as much WW2, Korea, and Vietnam as "modern." That's what I was going for, anyway. I didn't go any further than this, though. Aside from a Scarlett who followed a totally different aesthetic theme, this is the only O13 custom I did (so far).

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