Head, feet: 25A Snow Job
Chest armor, torso, arms, gloves: 25A Blowtorch
Legs: NS Blowtorch
Helmet: ROC Accelerator Suit ???
Backpack: POC??? Firefly


It's loved by collectors, but the original TNT from Argentina is a mess with three big problems:

1. It's a head-to-toe repaint of Blowtorch.
2. The color is a train wreck. Some of the base uniform is silver, some yellow, and some blue. Some of the padding is silver, some is blue.
3. Including a helmet with no faceplate and a napalm-filled backpack for a bomb disposal expert makes little sense.

But there were three easy fixes:

1. To correct the head-to-toe repaint aspect, TNT now has a bearded Snow Job head. Even though it makes sense that Blowtorch and TNT might have variations on the same uniform, I rotated out the legs. I swapped out the 25A Blowtorch legs with those from the NS Blowtorch, which had a different aesthetic- but one that works with the upper body. The NS legs are also noticeably shorter and thinner, giving TNT a different silhouette than Blowtorch. The armored shins and boots tie in better with the helmet design, too.
2. To streamline the colors, it's a silver base uniform with blue padding, plus a few pops of yellow on the canisters,
3. The gear now includes a helmet that protects the face and a more appropriate backpack (the same one the GIJCC used). I'm overlooking the fact that the backpack has a gasoline container in it.

Sculpting & Modifying:

Some epoxy mass added to the top of the legs, with the thigh screw insets also being filled.

Thanks for looking.

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