Head: Star Wars- Aayla Secura
All else: Star Wars- Princess Leia (Endor gear)
Uzi: ARAH Low Light (weapons pack)


In addition to the 3.75" The Bad Guys line, Remco also slopped out a 5" line. It recycled a few of the names already used in the 3.75" line, but also added a "Buzzard". Buzzard was a male character, wearing the standard black uniform, draped with bullet bands and silver details.

I dropped the bullet band entirely, and did a gender-swap for Buzzard. The name implies some sort of flight-themed specialties, and my custom The Bad Guys Big Bad Chopper needed a co-pilot. The helicopter I used was a one seater Chap Mei that I converted to a two seater. Sadly, the pilot custom, Vulture, doesn't fit in the cockpit properly. So using the very tiny Princess Leia body allows for Buzzard to fit into the cockpit much better than Vulture does. The Princess Leia body also makes for a pretty decent flightsuit.

Colors & Paint:

Black with silver details, like the Remco figure. The silver that would have been on the bullet bands is moved out to the arm pouches. The headgear is also silver to match Vulture's helmet.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The tentacles were cut from the top of the head, which was then re-sculpted to look like a helmet top.

There was also a small plug-in port in the small of the back, also filled with epoxy.

Thanks for looking.

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