Head: Starwarsgeek- Boba Fett (original design)
Torso, upper arms, hands: 25A Scrap Iron
Lower arms: 25A Wild Bill
Jacket: Speed Racer- Royalton
Legs: ROC Cobra Commander
Feet: 25A Tunnel Rat
Pistol: Weapons Pack ARAH Mutt


Felix Leiter is a reoccurring character in the James Bond films. Usually a supporting player to Bond, but sometimes a friendly rival. My favorite actor in the role has been Jeffrey Wright, so this figure goes for his look as seen in Quantum of Solace.

Although a suit figure, this figure doesn't go my normal recipe (DCIH- The Question chest/back w/ 25A Wild Bill arms). To get the no-tie look, it uses a 25A Scrap Iron shirt with a Speed Racer- Royalton Jacket. It's a nice change because it allows for legs that can actually move.

Colors & Paints:

Based on Jeffrey Wright's Felix Leiter. The suit jacket had a sculpted-on handkerchief, which the movie costume didn't, so I just matched it to the shirt.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The amazing original design of the Boba Fett head done by starwarsgeek was the best overall match to Jeffrey Wright's facial structure and proportions.

This was the first 3D printed head I'd purchased, and wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the print lines. They were only visible to the naked eye when a few inches away, and completely disappeared after a coat of gloss acrylic paint before putting on the regular paints. Highly recommended for anyone unsure.

The triangular, widow's peak-ish hair is all I added up top. I drew the hairline, then put glue behind it. The hair texture was made by placing bits of pepper flakes onto glue. Epoxy might have been a better way to go, but I wanted to try something a bit more random.

The knee pins, thigh screw insets, and gun ports on the upper legs were all epoxy filled and smoothed.

Thanks for looking.

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