Head: Tiger Force Frostbite
Torso: Tiger Force Frostbite
Arms: Taurus
Waist: Tiger Force Frostbite
Legs: Airtight

This custom came about after reading a favorite manga of mine, Golden Kamuy. I had thought up a story where it was similar to the plot of Golden Kamuy but was altered to be less like the story. The name I had come up with was Special Missions Hokkaido. For this character, I had him be a former Cobra Officer who ends up joining the team for the story after he is abandoned by his unit and left for dead. His cobra team is motivated by greed and a drive to find the hidden "treasure" locals speak of, when "Avalanche" does not give the order to go look for it, his team turns on him beats him up and leaves him for dead in the cold Hokkaido weather. Another scenario I had come up with for the story was that the Oktober Guard captured the Joe team he is a part of, and they force them to compete in the Oktober Guard's bareknuckle boxing event, who ever wins ends up gaining their freedom from the Russian team and the Russian military. The story is still being developed at the moment.

Before joining Cobra, Avalanche had gotten his private pilot's license so it come's in handy more times than not, but he was mostly used as an Armor Officer in the Cobra Forces. He was present at the Battle Of Springfield and he also took part in the Cobra Civil War, on Cobra Commanders side. While fighting for Cobra, he had become disillusioned with Cobra and was looking for a way out. Being abandoned by his team might have been a blessing in disguise. He is also trained in Pro Wrestling, Sambo, Judo, Wing Chun and Kickboxing. He can also pilot small jets like Cessna's and Helicopters.

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