head cast
torso the punisher
arms CC
legs SE

.45's modern joe
coat SW huck

The Punisher Bloodline-
Franco Castello was an enforcer inIitaly during the fascist rise to power. He was feared by all, but terrified his employer most of all. Mussolini, once in power, ordered Castello killed. The hit went wrong only killing his wife and two small children. Castello vowed vengeance. He kept his black shirt and polizia fatigues but painted a large white death's head on his chest. He wanted to be seen by his enemies. He wanted them to fear death.

He was recruited by the allies to head a special unit to take down hitlers SS, known simply as Punishers. They were given free reign and no oversight. They were told to execute their mission any way they see fit. Castello recruited fellow black shirts that were exiled by the new fascist regime.

A dark dystopia in my bloodline timeline this is a world full of gangsters, g men, dictators, and the occult. A world where the adventure team has yet to become gi joe, but they are fighting the same evil.

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