mcfarlane head
torso, upper arms, skirt assassins creed dr?
lower arms, hands fortnite
waist down SW emperor

custom metal ax head on wood handle

Not much is known about the man under the executioners mask. He takes his title and trade very seriously, and when his ax falls, heads roll.

A dark fantasy realm hides in the the shadows of my verse. Witches, monsters, dragons, and beasts of all kinds crawl in the dark recesses and caverns of my mind. Is it another reality or distant past? It is unknown to all but the lost wanderers in time and space. The occasional fallen soldier or evil commander find their way to this nightmare scape never to return. Will the adventure team stumble upon a gate deep within an ancient temple? Will serpentor open the gate bringing the dark realm here to wage war on gi joe? Stay tuned to find out....

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