head marvel gamora
base me scarlet
marvel legs

pop? jacket
heat shrink sleeves and boot tops

lego blaster

Lady G
A dangerous and seductive criminal
The second "martian twin" but no actual relation to her partner draxx. a seductive performer she astounds audiences with a mix of martial arts, swordplay, and cabaret. Billed as the deadly martian mistress. She is loyal to her small group of freaks.

Guardians of the Western stars
In a place seemingly like many places peppered across the galaxy we find our story already under way. A near earth planet. An old west backdrop. We join a wanted criminal vixen, a sideshow strongman, a disgraced bounty hunter, a mastermind in a furry suit, and one angry wooden indian. The stage is set and our story plays out. The Double Deuce traveling bizarre and circus sideshow, Known to most simply as "The Double D", is a band of rowdy cast offs.

Through the all seeing eye of PAZUZU serpentor glimpses strange otherly worlds. Seas of sand sailed by ghoulish pig men, cold dark prairies pocked with signs of primitive society, and an unending ocean of pitch black nothing to name a few. If he could only travel through the eye he would conquer these worlds as well. He rules the heavens and earth, but only yearns for more. Starving for more worshipers. "Bringg me the MINDBENDARRR!, and that witch CRYSTAL BALLS!!""

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