Helmet: Custom Cast Part
Pistol: Star Wars POTF2 Laser Pistol
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

There were three versions of Countdown in the vintage G.I.Joe ARAH line. The first was mostly white but looked really bland. The second version was blue and red...looking like Evil Knievel. The third, being blue and green, with a gray jumpsuit, was in between boring and garish. It seemed the best version to make a custom from. The helmet is a cast of the original helmet, so the scale is a bit too small for Marauders use. The main picture with the helmet on has no head underneath. Originally, I had more armor bits in the torso, but all that stuff lifted up the helmet too much and made the figure look like a giraffe. So, I settled for just the jumpsuit for the torso and glued the pistol holster on.

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