All Marauders Task Force Parts

Battle Force 2000...a big ol' palm to the face of G.I.Joe. Unfortunately, 1987 gave us a couple more face-palms in Cobra-La and a Don Johnson Falcon. I don't exactly know why we were given a Future Force type team as the whole G.I.Joe team was supposed to fill that role. There were several examples of the Joes using experimental equipment since it's inception. It's probably for the best that most of Battle Force 2000 was wiped out.
Weirdly, Dee-Jay was released in 1989, two years after the original group (separately, the BF2000 Pulverizer tank was released the same year).
As for the custom, I just needed to paint the glasses silver, the vest accents and forearm armor white, and the thigh side-pads gray.

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