Head: Star Wars- Rose Tico (cast by Starwarsgeek)
Torso, legs: Jonny Quest- Jessie Bannon (skier outfit)
Arms: Fischer Price Adventure People- woman
Gloves: Star Wars- Dameron Poe

Mercenary, Ground Support Crew
The Bad Guys


Remco's The Bad Guys Big Bad Chopper included a "fully posable" action figure, plus 3 "posed action figures", which were the Ground Support Crew. Those static figures were Remco's attempt to let kids army build in a cheap way. Imagine if Hasbro would've had a three pack of static Cobra soldiers. Some would hate, but I would have loved it.

Having completed the standard 8 The Bad Guys, The Ground Support Crew is getting adapted as bonus figures. Javelina is the second of the three.

The names Javelina, Porcupine, and Stoat aren't from Remco, which left them unnamed. I picked animal names that kept the spirit of the ones Remco used.


The Remco Ground Support Crew figures were in solid black uniforms, no fancy silver or gold helmets. The parts here are also the some of the blandest ones I could find. The helmets and boots are metallic black, to give some color variance.

A special thanks to Sizemoore77, who nudged me to give each of the Ground Support Crew some individual flourishes. That's why Javelina has the punk green hair.

As a wink to the original static nature of the Ground Support Crew is sometimes made of low POA figures.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The shoulder sockets were reworked. The gloves were added to the arms. The thigh screw insets and backpack screw inset were epoxied smooth.

Thanks for looking.

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