Helmet: Custom Cast Part
Device: Retaliation Zipline Handle
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

Sea Slug has never been on my customizing radar. I mean, why the heck would he? He's Sea Slug, for goodness sake. Okay, but then the purple colored Marauders figures came out, I naturally went searching for purple Joes. Lo and behold...Sea Moron!
As unluck would have it, some casters have wasted their time by casting Sea Turd helmets. So, I got one. ..leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
Look, this custom will never make it on a best dressed list, but now that I have him, he's not all that bad. It's kinda like when a dog is so ugly he's cute.
Side note: the sticker on his chest is just a Canadian Maple Leaf turned sideways, just so it's not blatantly a Canadian Maple Leaf. It was the only circular sticker I had.

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