Head: Hawk/Short Fuze '82/'83
Torso: Firefly '84
Arms/Waist/Legs: Hawk '86
Gun: Hawk '86

A while back, I decided to start a project of remaking the original 13 characters using their original head sculpts. Along with that, I decided to use the same torso for the figures that shared torsos in that first run.

I chose Firefly's torso for the majority of figures because it resembles a flack jacket/vest, and because it has a turtleneck molded into the design. Fans of the early comics will remember that most of the original Joes wore a red turtleneck sweater under their uniforms.

For Hawk, I went with the '86 color scheme. To me, '86 Hawk is his definitive version. The only thing it lacked was blonde hair. However, the rest of the figure was just plain great.

I've included a photo of the team as a whole. To date, I've currently finished 10 of the 13. A few of the figures look slightly different than the original postings because I've recently tweaked some of the designs.

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