Missile Launcher: Original '93 Cross Country G.I.Joe Figure
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I didn't really like this figure when he came out in '93. I'm not sure why exactly. Nowadays, I think he's a really cool figure. His face and head look MUCH better than the original. His colors are fairly muted, his clothes are casual, and heck, he's got actual acid wash jeans.
This is my second attempt at V2 Cross Country. The first attempt was a bit of a failure (example is pictured below). The changes to this newer custom are:

1.) I changed the head to a smaller more nondescript head with more leather-brown hair. The previous head looked a bit Neanderthal.

2.) I painted his neck orange to give the impression that he's wearing an orange undershirt. I also wanted the gray shirt to look like a jacket. I painted the inside of his shirt collar a lighter gray to emphasize the jacket look.

3.) The main failure of the previous Cross Country custom was the web gear. I thought I could cut off one of the straps to emulate the original figure, but once I did that, the web gear just wouldn't sit right. Without the tension of both straps, the web gear just got super loose. This time, I kept both straps on the web gear to keep it centered on the figure, but I tried to disguise one strap by painting it as closely as I could to the gray of the shirt. It's just a tongue-in-cheek way of getting the idea across that Cross Country just has one strap.

4.) Lastly, I added a sticker to the back of the "jacket". It's an American flag sticker from a Toyhax MOBAT sticker sheet.

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