Mask/Vest: 2008 Comic Pack Storm Shadow (V26)
Weapons: 2009 Comic Pack Storm Shadow (V28)
Bracers: Boss Fight Studios
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I never had any strong feelings either way about Dice (sounds like a silly name without his cohort). He was part of Ninja Force (speaking of silly names...was the Cobra version of Ninja Force ALSO called Ninja Force? With the exact same team logo?). Anyway, he was a ninja. He was purple. Meh.
I bought a V26 Storm Shadow years ago with the purpose of making a Ninja Zartan out of him. I just tossed the vest and mask into my bin and forgot about it. Once the purple colored Marauders figures came out, I figured I'd make a Dice figure. Marauders don't make sleeveless arms, so the best I could do was use a black T-shirt torso. The vest is blatantly Storm Shadow, but I felt I needed to use it to cover the T-shirt. I painted some of the bits purple to try to tie the figure together.

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