Head: Snake-Eyes '82/'83
Torso: Firefly '84
Arms: Major Bludd '94
Waist: Metal-Head '90
Upper Legs: Skymate '91
Lower Legs: Headhunter '92

Uzi: Low-Light '91 modified with a stock/strap from a random '90's Star Wars gun.

Early on in the Marvel run, I thought Snake-Eyes was a neat character. He was an enigma, a "Shadow man" who carries "... that thing in his boot." That's the Snake-Eyes I wanted to capture with this custom.

I started a project a few years ago to remake the original 13 Joes using their original head sculpts. Also, for those who shared torso designs, using the same new torso for all who shared it. Snake-Eyes shared the torso design with various others from his year. So, just like them, he gets the Firefly torso.

I like version #1 of Snake-eyes the best, but version #2 has my favorite color scheme. So, that's the color scheme I chose for this one.

As far as parts go, the boot has a knife or knife-like "thing" molded into it, and I'll take any excuse I can to use that Major Bludd arm with the spike. Add in the mandatory Firefly torso, and you have a nice looking commando.

Thanks for looking.

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