Head: Retaliation Ninja Dojo Snake Eyes
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

Pffffff...what can I say about Snake Eyes that hasn't been said a million times over?


What, what, what...?

(sucks teeth)

Oh, hey, did you know that Snake Eyes is a ninja? (Ya did, huh?)

Oh! I know...Did you know that Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow served in Viet Nam? (Oh...you did)

Well, how 'bout this: Did you know that Snake Eyes doesn't talk? (Man, you guys are good!)

I bet you didn't know that his family was killed on the DAY -- alRIGHT! You know what? Let's just get into looking at the figure!

I tried to make this custom look as much like 1985 Snake Eyes as possible using mostly Marauders pieces. That's easier said than done. Fortunately the V2 Snake Eyes is a fairly simple base figure. I chose to use loose-fitting pants legs for this custom instead of the skin tight leotard looking legs of the original. Other than that, it was just trying to load up his bandolier with appropriate-looking pouches and grenades to make him look more vintage accurate. So, I guess we can add this custom to the 4 billion other Snake Eyes customs out there.

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