Head: Jonny Quest- Race Bannon
Chest/back, legs: Star Wars- Rebel Soldier (Blockade Runner)
Upper Arms: Star Wars- Obi-Wan Kenobi
Lower Arms: NS Stalker
Hands: Star Wars- ???
Jacket: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones

Mercenary, Ground Support Crew
The Bad Guys


Remco's The Bad Guys Big Bad Chopper included a "fully posable" action figure, plus 3 "posed action figures", which were the Ground Support Crew. Those static figures were Remco's attempt to let kids army build in a cheap way. Imagine if Hasbro would've had a three pack of static Cobra soldiers. Some would hate, but I would have loved it.

Having completed the standard 8 The Bad Guys, The Ground Support Crew is getting adapted as bonus figures.

The names Ferret, Porcupine, and Porcupine aren't from Remco, which left them unnamed. I picked animal names that kept the spirit of the ones Remco used.


Another member of the Ground Support Crew built out of junk parts, Porcupine was missing something. The parts looked good together, but the sparkle wasn't there. The stance of the figure, paired with the arms and baggy pants, looked like that of a heavy set person. Thus began Porcupine's journey towards being a fat guy.

Colors & Paint:

The Remco Ground Support Crew figures were in solid black uniforms, no fancy silver or gold helmets. The parts here are also the some of the blandest ones I could find. Because Porcupine doesn't have a helmet, he gets fancy metallic blue paint for his belt buckle and forearm armor.

Sculpting & Modifying:

Epoxy "fat" was added to the face, neck, upper chest, and of course the glorious belly. The shoulders were also broadened to round out the parts.

Thanks for looking.

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