Head. Lifeline v5
Chest. Salvo v1
Arms. Salvo v1
Waist. Roadblock v4
Left thigh. Flint v4
Right thigh. Stalker v5
Feet. Blizzard v1

Helmet & neckchief. Marauders task force
Backpack. Double Blast
Rifle. Can't remember

Well as a Blue Shirt he did 10 missions now a full member of the Joe's navy seal team he's done 26 missions ha's saved Joe's & a few Cobre agent's lives he is very well respected from everyone in the team.

Reef is in a four man team under the command of Torpedo as Charlie team with him are Harrier & Sandbanks (have made but not posted on here yet) I have/ plan to do seven teams of navy seals which has four men each in them.

One mission was scraped just as two seal team was just about to leave for a mission as Law run up to everyone & told Wild Bill what has happened Wild Bill told the team commanders Shipwreck & Torpedo both looked at Reef & told him to get to the hospital as he was needed they as a one of the main special unit have been ambushed by Python Patrol while on a survival training courses for 3 weeks.

The special unit was Tiger Force (don't get me wrong i love tiger force as much as the next guy but i think it's been overdone to much) everyone wanted revenge on Python Patrol for this sadly Duke was killed along with a few green Shirt (never been a fan of Duke)

General Hawk & Beach-Head put together Beach-Head's Brigade (a unit I've came up with but on here) to pick up the slack from Tiger Force.

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