Complete repaint of Airborne 1983

I bought a 5 dollar beater Airborne with broken hands (see my last picture) that I was determined to rescue somehow.

I pulled the hands off of a VVV Duke, which I like because they can swivel and don't break. So, what better for the man who has broken hands?

My Pa and I got to work together on this one. I used my own Dremel for the first time. We chomped off the hands with cutters and then I sanded the cuffs.

We made a pilot hole and then began drilling. I drilled a bit too much on the first hole since it's a bit wide and the hand wants to fall out upon turning, but it works well.

After that was done, I took him back home and painted him. I was going for a sort of Night Force motif. When I have a chance, I'll paint that gear also. I just really love how this guy improved. Hope you enjoy.

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