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Sometimes I make customs of figures I don't like. Sometimes I like to make my own to see if I can improve upon the original.
Well, I certainly don't like this version of Zartan. It COULD be (with maybe one or two exceptions) the very worst version of Zartan. I hate the Valor vs Venom version. The figure itself has the normally dismal proportions. He wears a skull-cap with no discernible hair underneath. His face looks a bit pudgy face with a flat chin...making him look, unfortunately, a little dim. His face paint is small and pointed in such a way to make it look more like make-up than face paint. And - good lord that belt - it's so large and angular it looks like a lifeguard's float. About the only thing workers noting is the Dreadnok emblem on his chest. Unfortunately, I couldn't recreate the emblem, so I had to replace it with another type of eye-catcher, that being a chest holster.
Sometimes I like to make my own customs of bad figures to see if I can improve upon the original, but I don't think this particular custom was successful.

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