Head: ??? (cast by starwarsgeek)
Upper body through belt, arms: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones (no jacket version)
Waist, legs: DCIH- The Question
Recorder: Star Wars- Poe Dameron


Jim Phelps was introduced as the team leader in the second season of Mission: Impossible. Played by Peter Graves, he remained with the series through its short-lived late 80's return.


I had considered doing this as a suit figure. However, I have a pile of The Question waist/legs and wanted to use up a set. They work well with the Indiana Jones shirt, so this is Jim Phelps in a slightly dressed-down version, which also fits some of his appearances on the show.

Colors & Paints:

A blue shirt over khaki pants. This might be a period figure, or a contemporary version. You decide.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is a cast by Star Wars Geek, but I'm not sure of what line it's from. I sculpted on the hair wave. The top of the pants just below the belt is sculpted, and epoxy fills the knee pins.

About the recorder:

The figure needed a special accessory.

The "voice on tape", as the internet calls it, is almost another character in the Mission Impossible mythos. The best way to represent the almost-character is to include a recorder with Jim Phelps. Its the chest gizmo from a flight suit Poe Dameron, cut to a rectangular shape. It's painted black, with red and white keys added.

Thanks for looking.

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