Rifle: BBI Elite Force
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

In one of the forums, I was asked who my favorite Joe character was ('83 Airborne) and was challenged to do sort of an Ultimate version of the character. I accepted and got down to thinking about what I wanted to do with this figure. To the best of my knowledge, Airborne is the first Native American Joe. In honor of that, I wanted to display his Native American heritage, but in a slightly less stereotypical way than was done with the original Spirit. I settled on the idea war paint. I did do a little bit of research regarding war paint, and, while the pattern I settled on is not specifically Navajo, it is Native American. Of course I wanted to keep Airborne's iconic blue vest as that was the thing that initially drew me to the figure and, arguably, is his most defining aspect. I figured the MTF Utility Vest was most accurate vest for a modern assault troop. Now, the MTF Contract pants are a bit of a compromise. I really would prefer some trousers that would cinch more at the boot, I really didn't want to use the regular MTF Trooper legs with the full boots showing. And I figured the MTF Drop-Down holster could approximate the look of the rappelling harness of the original Airborne. I like the MTF "Ira" style head, but MAN that head has a sourpuss expression!

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