Hat, belt, holsters, firearms: Dime Novel Legends
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

1983 is my very favorite year of G.I.Joe. The Class of '83 made a very big impression on me when I was a kid. I am not exaggerating when I say that I am fond of every figure and vehicle from that year. My favorite vehicle was the Skystriker, but, honestly, I didn't play with it as much because of its size. The vehicle I played with more was the Dragonfly and only Wild Bill was allowed to pilot the Dragonfly.
I didn't like the molds that were used for any 25th Anniversary Wild Bills. I have made previous V1 Wild Bill customs, but I was never satisfied with them. But since the Marauders figures have come out with new pieces like the Short Vest and the button-up Dress shirt, I thought I might try again. Coupled with the new Dime Novel Legends hats, belts, and firearms (which are superb products), it's the probably the best time to revisit Wild Bill.

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