Head, legs: ROC Storm Shadow
Torso: 25A Tunnel Rat
Jacket: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones
Upper arms, feet: 25A Cobra Commander
Lower arms: 25A Scrap Iron
Hands: 25A Wild Bill
Rifle, Briefcase: Fortnite accessories


Templeton "Faceman" Peck is the smooth talker of the A-Team. Having been played by one-timer Tim Dunnigan, series regular Dirk Benedict, and movie star Bradley Cooper, he's been presented as a stylish fellow with a shyster sliver, but a standup member of the team.


I went through many formats and recipes, until landing on this one based on the Dirk Benedict-esque hair crest on the Storm Shadow head head. This is intended as its own contemporary version of Faceman, and not any of the previous actors.

The outfit doesn't represent any particular look of Faceman's, but a button-up shirts and slacks fit the character. There are also some images of Faceman wearing a black leather jacket, so that became the final goal.

Colors & Paint:

A black leather jacket. The rest follows that.

Some Molotov chrome spotting on the rifle, too.

Sculpting & Modifying:

Some of the forehead hair was removed, and the nose bridge was built up. The mid-torso articulation point was epoxy filled and smoothed, as were the thigh screw insets. The edges of the sleeves and the bottom of the jacket were extended with rubber band snippets. The backpack plug was removed from the briefcase.

Thanks for looking.

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