Head: Custom Cast Part
Left Hand: Eagle Force Returns Figure
Lower Legs/Boots: 2013 G.I.Joe Tactical Ninja Team Snake Eyes
Hypno-Shield: Gumball Machine Spinning Tops
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts


I simply have a blind spot when it comes to sculpting. I do not like it. It makes me sad. I sucks all enjoyment out of any project that I am working on. Okay, rant over. So, I have wanted to do a Crystal Ball ever since I started this project.

Well, full disclosure, I have tried so many times to make a Crystal Ball and failed that, unfortunately, at this point I just want to check off the Crystal Ball "box" and move on.

A few points of interest:
1.) I was scanning custom cast heads online and spotted a Dr. Strange Benedict Cumberbatch head that I felt had a strong resemblance to a grimacing Crystal Ball. I like the head a lot and feel it captures the anger of the original figure's face.
2.) I could not find a satisfactory way of placing plastic fur on this figure, so I decided to sculpt some (I refer you to comments above).
3.) You cannot really tell from the pics, but the bronze on the vest straps look much better in real life.
4.) There was literally no reason to make his left hand and arm black other than I just happened to have an extra Eagle Force open hand in black and I didn't want to paint it a flesh color. Instead of painting it flesh, I thought I would go the other way and paint part of his arm black. I figured it could be a manifestation of an actual power. Like Crystal Ball really had Seventh-Son powers and the black "ooze" was the proof of it.
5.) The makeshift Hypno-Shield thingy is two spin-tops that have been sitting in my drawer for 4 years. I finally got to use them. I glued the purple top to the slightly larger green top to hide the very large "MADE IN CHINA" letters on the back of the purple. Besides, the green top has rainbows along the center. And if you look closely, the holes in the green top are actually hearts.

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