Head: ??? (cast by starwarsgeek)
Torso, arms, hands: Indiana Jones- Thugee Guard
Waist, legs: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones
Shoes: ROC Storm Shadow
Vest: 25A Wild Bill
Rifle, generator backpack: Fortnite accessories


BA Barracus was the tough guy/driver/builder-of-contraptions, imbued with a bad attitude and a fear of flying. Portrayed by Mr. T on television and Ramage Jackson on film, BA and brought equal amounts of humor and badass.


This is its own update on the character, but clearly leans more towards the less flamboyant cinematic version of BA.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the more subdued color scheme of the movie.

Sculpting & Modifying.

The head is cast by starwarsgeek. To make the notoriously janky Indiana Jones legs work, I added mass to the outer sides, bulking them up to fall under the edges of the upper torso.

The necklace/jewelry is also sculpted of wire and kibble.

Thanks for looking.

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