Head: Cast
Body: Bossfight blank with sculpt

I decided to remake my Bionic 6 customs. All new sculpt work as I was really brand new to sculpting when I first made them and had not found the technique of flattening the sculpt then cutting it so it was way too rounded looking. Added little details like his gloves, ring, collar, zipper, belt and the wristband they used to transform.

Full head to toe repaint adding all of the little 80s flare designs

Bionic 1 (Jack Bennett) is the leader of the Bionic 6 and the dad of the family. Being bionic he has enhanced abilities such as super human strength and speed as well as x-ray vision and firing energy beams from his eyes.

Bionic 1 originally battled the evil forces of Dr. Scarab alone, but after a tragic accident he makes the difficult decision to have his entire family enhanced with bionics to save their lives. After each of them receive their new abilities they come together as a team and family to form the Bionic 6 and put an end to Dr. Scarab's evil ways. Dr. Scarab has enhanced his one team with powers as well by placing a scarab on each of their chests.

Bionic 6 was another 80s franchise I wanted to team up with GI Joe as a kid. The vintage Bionic 6 figures were slightly larger than Joes but could still crossover well enough.

I have included a full picture of the full Bionic 6 team and Dr. Scarab's evil crew.

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