Head: Ken Masters
Torso: Monkeywrench
Arms: Sgt. Slaughter
Waist: Sgt. Slaughter
Legs: Roadblock

DOG EAR is inspired and named after the character of the same name in the G.I.Joe FIND YOUR FATE-Operation: Terror Trap paperback novel. I always thought it was so cool how these books had the reader actively "involved" in the story.

File Name: Vorhees, Arnold S.
Primary Military Specialty: Recon
Secondary Military Specialty: Hand-To-Hand Combat instructor
Birthplace: Long Beach, CA

As a teenager, honing his skills as a bare-knuckle brawler in the underground fighting circuits, DOG EAR caught the attention of the coach of the US Marines Boxing Team. He soon enlists in the Marines and becomes an undefeated champion in Armed Forces Boxing. Proficient in various forms of unarmed combat (Karate, Aikido, Ju-jitsu)

"Talk about one tough hombre. With just his hands, DOG EAR can swiftly and decisively, defeat any adversary he encounters. You do not ever want to be on the recieving end of his fury- he will surely give you a war with empty hands..."

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