Upper body: Golobulus 87

Tank bottom: some old toy tank

Jet pack: from a Robotech model

I made this figure quite a number of years ago. I repainted Golobulus silver. The actual
turret of the tank was snapped off, and the top now became a shield of sorts. The bottom fit perfectly into the torso hole of the Golobulus figure. Somekind of black epoxy was used to hold the shield on and to glue the jet pack onto the back of the tank. The Tank was painted silver as well.
The head, to give a more robotic look actually had solder dripped onto it and was slightly painted to give that robotic-like face.
This is my first (and very old) custom.

BIO: After the fall of Cobra La and the collapse of the Cobra La base, the body of
Golobulus was recovered and salvaged by Cobra doctors, turning him into a robotic- cyborg tank. In essence a living weapon. Perfectly adaptable to almost any terrain (because it can think). However at times Golobulus tends to recall his past life and this worries Cobra Commander.

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