Head: Backstop v1
Torso: O-ring Neo-Viper, modified with gun from Overkill v3 belt.
Waist: Psyche-out v2
Arms: Depth Charge v1
Upper legs: Barrel Roll v1, modified with guns from Tunnel Rat v4 belt
Lower legs: JvC Flint v2

Helment: Hot-Seat v1
Gun: Big Ben/Alley Viper two-pack

Codename: Backstop
Filename: Levin, Robert A.
Primary Military Specialty: Laser Specialist
Secondary Military Specialty: Armor
Rank: U.S. Army E-5
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Bio: Backstop holds records in hockey, boxing, and wrestling... for injuring the most opponents. It's not that he tries to play rough, it's just the only way he knows how to play. He got thrown out of the demolition derby circuit because he kept inflicting so much damage on the other vehicles that the drivers were getting trapped inside.

"They make jokes about Canada not having an army or being worth mentioning, I actually think it's a good thing. Why? Because if Canada had an army that could do anywhere near what Backstop does on his own, they'd be nearly unstoppable..." -- Corporal Seymour Fine, codename: "Sci-Fi"

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