Head: SW Qui Gon Jin
Torso: Beach Head
Arms: AA Duke
Waist/Legs: Roadblock

Sir is the leader of a mercenary organization known as To Sir With Love. The only known way to contact him for hire is to place a newspaper classified ad starting with To Sir With Love, and including a contact number and the time to call. Nothing more is actually known about him, but it is surmised that he is former military, and definately a genius. His team makes it in, out, and makes it look easy. Of course, that's because Sir demands absolute loyalty. The slightest disobediance is punished in the most severe way for one of his mercs; He simply won't pay them for their services. Therefore they have all learned to listen to him and do precisely as he says.

"Unlike Zartan who, though claiming to be a mercenary has obvious loyalties to Cobra, Sir is a true mercenary. His services actually do go to the highest bidder, including the US government, and he always completes his missions. I guess that's why the top brass doesn't really persue him very hard." Duke

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