Head: Heavy Duty
Torso: Cross Hair
Arms/Waist/Legs: Roadblock

Hat: Wild Bill
Web Gear/Sniper Rifle: Cross Hair
Knife: ??

Back in the early '90's, Congo was a huge name in gangster rap. His songs were anthems about how hard life was growing up on the mean streets of Detroit. Then the truth came out. Congo wasn't from the streets. He was from Bel Aire and his family has money. Lots of money. His fan base felt betrayed and his rap career was over. Congo disappeared and drifted into forgotten obscurity. Until recently. No one knows where he went for the last ten years. No one knows what he did. The only thing known is that he is now the single best tracker in the world and Sir pays him very well to be a part of the mercenary group To Sir With Love.

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